Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Perfect Fit ;)

The name maybe MiSF!T, but the quality of their plays is, by any sensible means, anything but that!
Scripted proved to be a thoroughly riveting play. Seamlessly lucid narration, a mood that all of us could feel a part of, unbridled intensity, a clear and intelligible storyline and characters that seemed so real that the emotional flow seemed to start from the bottom of my belly and not from the stage!
For me, watching the dress-rehersal was one thing, but watching the play on stage was quite another experience altogether. And boy! Am I glad I did the feature and also watched the play...you bet. I truly feel for those of you who missed out. Next time, perhaps!

All in all, when you want a play, you simply can't make it happen; You will have to go to the master : Rathan Thakore Grant!

PS: For all those who wanted to see my feature on this for Indian Express, " Dial M for theater" is available on http://www.highlightevents.com/misfit/home.html under Dial 'M' for theatre


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