Sunday, January 01, 2006

The 'Seducing art' in 'Shopping Mart'

My usual over-worked, over-booked self had yet another engagement yesterday. Fighting to keep my eyes wide-open thanks to the previous night's insomnia, I accompanied my friends to a happening mall for a shopping expedition. The 6 pm chilly breeze did nothing to drive away the icy shivers the evening had fondly granted, so I decided to don my Monte-Carlo sweater and jeans in opposition to my buddies' low-necked tops with ultra-feminine hoop earrings.
Frankly, for me, comfort scores over the need to look like a bomb.

But life tosses out funny experiences in the name of well-intended friends, who advice you endlessly on how to look desirable and hot, especially for the benefit of men. It's even more crazy when girls express mock-shock over a fellow-buddy's single-status.
"The shock IS justified..", I was corrected the other day, "Having a boyfriend is certainly THE status symbol, that you are the prima donna of some young dude's life!" was the point made.
"But how can you just tag yourself onto some guy whose good looks apart, but conversational skills you are clueless about..?" said I.
Coz speaking skills are as important and vital for me in a person as yeast is for bread!
" Chuck it Vini, you are asking for too much! Is a hot appearence insufficient? What kind of ego-trip are you are a trifle too fastidious!" was the reaction.

Ego-trip!! Now after having spent 21 yrs on this dear planet I guess I don't have the right to express shock over such statements, even if they are directed towards me. But to think of something so obviously cardinal and in every way indispensable as a useless thing in the maze of good looks, a hot body and a fat bank-balance is certainly inexcusable, to say the least. While I don't expect everyone to regard a man's or a woman's personality, integrity, character and personal value as the relationship's meat-and-potatoes, I don't agree with the cold rebuff they are meted out with either! It's about time people start regarding their relationships seriously with an eye for future companionship, and look beyond the fine cars, family name and the company tag and recognise and respect the other person for what he or she is. What we represent is not about where we come from, but more about where we are headed.

From yesterday's experience it became more than apparent that people stay on a look-out for prospective love-interests even in places like shopping malls and book-stores. While I can't understand how one can keep their seduction-antennae up and running 24-7-365 till they get hooked onto some prosperous partner, the fact that they even manage to identify the right one in the 'labyrinth-like' shopping-jungles calls for superior identifying and strategizing skills, I must say!

However, what took the cake at the end of the day was an eclectic piece of wisdom I garnered from a self-confessed 'good friend'. The girl had the nerve to let her gaze wander over my jeans-cardigan look and utter, " Girl! You need to learn the fine art of 'seducing through attire'. Else how will you attract men, at all??"

Hmmm...while I'm toying with the idea, HAPPY NEW YEAR to one and all...

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At 10:14 PM, Blogger PrincessPerfection said...

Its Funny that I feel the exact same way, and don't dress to impress. Those boy are definatly not what you are looking for, and I am sure that their converstations will not prove to be intellectual in the least bit. You got it right so dont let people change your ideas! Maybe, they will catch on!

At 1:50 AM, Blogger VineethaAthrey said...

Hey PrincessPerfection,
Cool to know u think the same way too.Like they say,
'Do what u want n say what u feel;
The ones who mind don't matter and the ones who matter don't mind!'
Lets hope the worthy men will catch up soon..;)
---Meanwhile the efforts of the rest adds SPICE to life!!

At 2:45 AM, Blogger preethi said...

I am with u vini.........anyone irespective of their gender should do things to EXPRESS themselves and not IMPRESS others......

In the long run it is always the expression that really matters and not looks.........
so i feel u were right!!

At 2:21 AM, Blogger Ashish said...

hey vini,
its so very convenient to make those "chics" who "dress-to-kill" seem like nothing more than beautiful dumbasses, but it aint alwaz true, is it?

i believe, no matter how much fascinated someone maybe by good looks and all,it all boils down to the moment, one opens his/her mouth! they say, "its better to keep shut nd let others wonder if u r a fool; than to open it an d remove their doubts!!"

looking good is jus one of the steps towards an enviable relationship, nd a huge bank balance jus makes it all the more smoother, doesn't it. but in all practical purposes, thats the max that these things count for! its the way u bond that matters, and then it hardly matters if ya r a hunk or a punk!!

At 11:26 PM, Blogger VineethaAthrey said...

@Ashish: Hi buddy!
I want to steer clear from fact that I've portrayed "chicks"[ ;-)] as "beautiful dumb-asses". We all know the importance of being pleasantly dressed, don't we?
What I was arriving at in that write-up is, how people get carried away by the need to look desirable and put themselves thru such discomforts like wearing an ultra-thin top in a chilly, breezy weather which obviously calls for some warm clothing! I have NO problems with ppl wanting to look good, well, even I want to look good, always, but that shouldn't take precedence over sensible dressing. Then, it looks dumb. As a matter of fact, this girl in question even sported a pair of sunglasses inside the mall..n my palm was itching to pull that off n ask her to not look ridiculous! If I were a faint-hearted female, I wud have even been embarassed..Thank God! Im so shameless myself;-)

Man! I had the time of my life, with her scanning me frm top to the toe n asking how could I put on a pull-over for an evening out..?? Ha!!

At 5:10 AM, Anonymous sunil said...

Hey vinetha how’s u? This is Sunil- we briefly met during one of MISFIT play. Well I just read couple of articles (“A special thank u” and “the seducing art in shopping mall”). There are quite many articles got there to read, will read it in between work, and I must say they are well written. The seducing art article (which I read because of the intrusive name off course) I agree and it’s hard to meet some one with whom you can have a decent conversation, there is no harm to dress well and should compliment with variety of conversation skills.

Hey I would like if you could read few of my poems ( ), I write a bit and recently started posting some work. It’s nice to know some one else dreams as much as I do, my blogs are named after a dreamer. Another thing to ask which club do you go for horse riding, I go to princess academy.

Oops got to sign off now... have some work. What’s ur mail id?



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