Thursday, November 10, 2005

A finger in the blog pie!!

I never really wanted to blog.Ever. Somehow the thought of putting my thoughts up on the net for just about anyone to read did'nt quite appeal to me.But hey, come to think of it.
Some @#%&&#$$$$ years down the line bamboo and subsequently paper might just become extinct (thanks to deforestation, human occupancy in forest areas name a few).
Then the one sure shot way of making my words live on and on and on...forever is either by carving a John F Kennedy out of myself, who would make statements like.."Ask not what your country did for you, but what you did for your country" know, the kind of words that would live forever by their sheer word-power OR more simply by blogging. Since the second option seemed more doable, I settled for the latter.

Now before I start off, I want to confess something. That I am a victim of an INCURABLE syndrome.It generally starts off within the 1st year of one's birth and stays on as long as the individual lives. While it is not really troublesome to the victim him/herself, it usually proves to be a pain in the whatever for the other nice people around. And from times immemorial there has never been a cure for this.The syndrome is 'NARCISSISM'. And it's victims are fondly referred to as 'NARCISSISTS'. So, do bear with me. Sometimes I tend to go overboard.And all my friends have unanimously voted me out of the humility scale.

However, I'm proud... of everything I stand for, like my being, my views, my values and principles,my dreams and my abode-Planet Earth, Galaxy Milkyway...absolutely everything around me that fascinates me and triggers off my interest.To the point that I've almost made it my business to talk.... about myself, about other people, about various things ( err..My hobbies include emceeing and writing poems)

So as though the microphone and poetry were'nt enough, I've ventured into blogging. Let's see how this one goes.....



At 3:28 AM, Blogger Deepa said...

Hi Vineetha!

A very Warm Welcome to the Blogosphere!

At last I succeeded in inspiring someone to blog or in other words ... bringing an unsuspecting victim to the world beyond the real world...

Explore the blogdom and have fun!


At 4:00 AM, Blogger VineethaAthrey said...

I must give credit where it is due....Dee is the strong reason behind me starting a blog and having finally taken the leap towards storing my write-ups under better care than compared to my old diary!!! Love u Deepi...always

At 5:00 AM, Blogger Swaroop C H said...

Welcome to the blogosphere!

Good first post.

Maybe you should rename the blog to Miss Narcissism :-P.

P.S: You should read this:

Have fun,
- Swaroop

At 11:41 PM, Anonymous Malathi said...

Hi Athrey
It is a nice way to start a new on. The title was so apt...keep going...all the best


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