Monday, February 27, 2006

Fun while you earn!

Life is so rosy and promising when one gets a plum job in a leading software firm with the promise of a steady pay-packet every month. But often, it is when the reality and stern demands of a 9 to 5 job strikes us hard in the face do we stagger. Not anymore with most of the IT companies wanting to bring in a breeze of fresh attitude by organizing picnics and outings for their employees along with their respective families. One such retreat was organized by TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) a couple of weeks back at Manipal County, a resort off Hosur Road.

Set in the lovely backdrop of soothing green trees, the place has an earthy feel about it. The clear blue sky on a warm, sunny day thankfully didn't give in to the temptations to rain and was bright throughout. Standard facilities like horse riding, table tennis, pool and small hut-like establishments lined throughout the vast area. As soon as we reached there, we were greeted with a welcome drink and escorted to a mini village-like setting, organized at the TCS' behest and aptly named 'Village Carnival'. An event management company was entrusted with the responsibility of carrying off the various events on its shoulders.

The carnival had numerous stalls that offered hair-beading, mehendi, face and body painting, khadi wear and a belt of central area set aside exclusively for pottery. I tried my hand at all of these and was particularly happy with my performance in pottery. The best part is, these stalls were not put up to make one proficient in any activity, but the mood was well communicated and they were designed for amateurs. It was meant to be a retreat with both family and friends from work, and it felt like one! Children had an array of merry games to choose from, ranging from the famous jumping Mickey to magic shows and treetop houses.

Lunchtime saw a delicious display of eatables that were feasted upon by a hungry and ever-ready crowd. This was followed by a line-up of games and fun hosted by an emcee who aptly chose those games that called for people in large numbers, ensuring that nobody was left-out. The evening saw a DJ and an active dance floor with men and women boogying away to the rocking tunes and surprise gifts given away to the excited crowd.

The retreat ended around 8 PM but the spirit showed great promise to continue. In the company of not just work-mates but also their family, this outing succeeded in highlighting a significant aspect of the other-wise strict professionals: the human side!


At 4:52 AM, Anonymous Rajiv said...

You write well.
And i'm not exaggerating.
(I'm the guy who spoiled your friend-on-the-phone)


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