Tuesday, March 21, 2006

MiSF!T ;)

Last week ended on such a fun note!:)
I went to meet Rathan, Anitha and the rest of the MISFIT gang on Saturday. MISFIT, which stands for My Interest Stays Firmly In Theatre, is coming out with a play on 24th and 25th of this month, called 'Scripted: Tiraa and Pinjra'. When I got to know about that, I asked the Indian Express people if I could do a story on that. They were happy to let me do it, and so here I was, meeting old friends, yapping, taking in the cool evening air, meeting the crew and ofcourse, Rathan's interview...Once that was done, Rathan asked me to stay back and watch the premiere, and I felt special being the first, exclusive one to watch the premiere of 'Scripted: Tiraa and Pinjra'.

If I could explain the way I felt about the creative and technical 'Scripted', I would say, SPELL-BINDING!!I am one person who always wondered as to what a director's actual role was, be it in a movie or drama, since there are people to manage everything- music director, actors for acting, screenplay writers to take care of the narration...I guess I more than got my answer!

Seriously, theatre is one experience we have to go through ourselves. Every nerve-ending in my body wanted to join them, act, to find that release...It must be a marvelous experience to act. Rathan even suggested that I should try my hand at it! He has this belief ( I dunno what led to the belief, though!) that I would make a good actor!!! He seems pretty confident about it, and I can't help feel exhilarated at the thought!! :))

Now wait...I can write- journals, articles, poems..., I can sing 'n dance, I can talk BIG time...but act? That's something I have never tried so far! But I guess that is going to be a beautiful experience...primarily because, I am kinda dramatic by nature, and secondly, I love the unbridled intensity you get to splurge before the camera or spotlight. And Rathan, my God! has a way of bringing the emotions out of even the 'Rock of Gibralter!'
So I have made up my mind to give it a shot. Though I don't know how am I going to squeeze in the time for all this, my mind is set on that and I'm sure I will be able to make time also.

By the way, my article on this, 'Dial M for theatre' ( Okie..I admit! I got inspired by Alfred Hitchcock's 'Dial M for Murder!!;)) came out in Indian Express ( magazine section, City Express, page 6) on Monday, 20th March.

And for the benefit of anyone who wants to watch the play, it is scheduled on 24th and 25th March ( Friday and Saturday), at Alliance Francaise. The Friday show is organized at 7:30 pm and Saturday holds 2 shows in it's kitty, one at 3:00 pm and 7:30 pm. Tickets are available at Alliance Francaise and TurnBridge School, opp. Safina Plaza, Bangalore. And are priced at Rs.99/-
For furthur info, you can visit: www.highlightevents.com/misfit

Congrats Rathan, on making MiSF!T fit so perfectly into your as well as our lives! Keep going!! :)


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